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Monday, June 20, 2011

Outsourcing Surrogacy to India?

I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I need to run over it in my mind a bit.
'm not concerned by the parents disability or sexuality. I am, however, having trouble with "outsourcing" motherhood. In the clip, they talk about cost and competition with Thailand like its the manufactured goods trade. From the shots in the video, the children are clearly related to their Indian surrogate. They will grow up so far away from one piece of their genetic heritage. On the other hand the will likely grow up in far better economic circumstances with more opportunity. I wonder how they will feel 20, 30 years from now. At least they will have each other.

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  1. oooh yeah!!!! im SURE! i have a HUGE problem with outsourcing motherhood. a huge problem...... are we going to be factory farmed as well? look... environmentalists have given us ten years to get our act together before we suffer a runaway climate change situation, ie we pass the tipping point and turn into mars, and, seriously.... if our greed for rampant consumerism has reached towards 'manufacturing' humans (and, lets face it, we already do), then we humans dont deserve a place on his planet, its a pity though that we will be taking the entire 'voiceless' species with us.

  2. and by voiceless i dont mean hearing impared humans because, obviously, they still have a voice.

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  5. yes it is true...... Surrogacy has turned out to be a great boom for those parents in doubt to have a child.

  6. Hi All, Thanks for the comments. My only worry is that if we start and international fertility "trade" it will be harder to monitor and prevent abuses. The entire scenario is ripe soil for the growth of troubling exploitation.

    Almost any nascent international exchange of goods and services for money begins with (and sometimes sustains) large imbalances of power and rights. A few hundred years ago, when the distribution and production of manufactured goods was rapidly evolving, the first true "global economy" had a very dark side. With things like the triangle trade, slavery and later on, sweatshops, injustices were inherent to growth. Certain groups greatly benefitted and advanced as a result of the severe exploitation of others.

    I just hope through our activism and public discourse, that will not happen here.

    I recently asked an Indian friend and a Pakistani friend fluent in a few languages of the sub-continent to help me find any blogs by surrogates or donors in the area. This is by no means an official study but we could find none. This is not surprising as the surrogates and donors I have seen identified have universally been impoverished and many illiterate.

    Whether the donors say "yes" or not I do not think we can consider this a truly consensual trade . I do not think it can be said that consent is real when the two parties involved in an exchange come from vastly different educational, financial and situational means.

    Do you?

    Girl Conceived


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