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Monday, December 12, 2011

No response

I haven't received any response from the donor I contacted about a week ago. As the days pass I'm more and more certain I will never hear from him. I am disappointed but not as dejected as I thought I would be. Sending the note gave me an odd sense of closure. My guess is that if he did not donate he would have sent a quick one line note saying "Sorry, you have the wrong person." So perhaps no response is a good response.


  1. oh thats really crap. it can take a while though. i think when myf sent her letter to michael they failed to pass it on for ages, they forgot or something, meanwhile we were all in a complete state of agony! its a bit like awaiting life changing medical results. but at least the letter came. meanwhile you dont know if you will ever hear anything or not. i feel your pain and agony. no one should ever have to go through it. hoping for you that you will enjoy a great outcome.

  2. Thanks for the the pep talk :). The beauty of e-mail is that I can be certain my note got to him directly. Surprisingly I'm not as defeated as I thought I would be. It's easy to be consumed with wondering about his response so I have been trying to just forget about and focus on other things. Are you donor-conceived as well?

  3. I got a match notification from Family Tree a couple of weeks ago and sent out an e-mail. No response. Maybe it went into their spam box. Maybe they are sick, traveling, or don't look at their e-mail very often. Who knows. Mine was most likely due to a distant relative in common, not a potential offspring-donor match like you're going through. You'd think people would at least reply if they aren't interested though. If they did the testing and added their e-mail address they are expecting some communication. End of supporting rant.


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