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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dr Alvin C. Weseley

So I found out today it was not Dr. Decker but Dr. Alvin C. Weseley who inseminated my mother. It's so frustrating that as donor offspring our backgrounds are kept so secret and guarded. After looking for Dr. Decker for years, now I have to change my search completely. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes.....


  1. Hey, So I'm a donor baby along with my twin brother. My mom finally told me when i was hospitalized with Multiple Sclerosis before sophmore year of college.

    Anyway, I am really curious about this man now. How do I start trying to find out who's my daddy? Is there any NONcostly way to go about it?


  2. Hi Renee - I have been trying to email you directly but that doesn't seem to work. Visit the donor sibling registry and help us request that they start and entry for Dr. Weseley as there is no specific page for his office which in on Park Avenue. There is another donor offspring, also a twin who I met from the office and connect you with via email. Please email me at


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